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Looking to rent one of your properties or alternatively looking for a property to rent? We could potentially be the right fit for you. Why not have a chat to one of our friendly specialists today… the most it will cost you in 5 minutes on the telephone.


With a long and successful history in Brisbane’s Western Suburbs you may like to have a refreshing chat to one of our specialists today who can give you their honest opinion on all aspects of your property. WE DON’T simply come in with the highest valuation to try and deceivingly obtain your listing…we do research, we care about the outcome and we will always give our honest opinion (even if it may work against us). If you value honesty and integrity then a chat to My Brisbane Home may just be the right move for you.

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We are experts at finding property for sale or rent for our clients that seemingly don’t exist. With raw tenacity and many personal contacts across the Western Suburbs a call to our office may just be the difference between getting what’s available or securing the home of your dreams.